XXV National Convention of the Venezuelan Red Cross


On May 25, 26 and 27 of the current year, the XXV National Convention of the Venezuelan Red Cross was held in Caracas. This is the highest decision – making organ of the National Association. It was presided by Dr. Mario Villarroel Lander, President of the Venezuelan Red Cross, and was attended by the members of the Steering Committee of the Venezuelan Red Cross, i.e., the National Directors of the national programs held by the institution, as well as the Chairmen of the Sectional Executive Committees from each of the existing states in the country; each of them were accompanied by their corresponding delegations. Likewise, it is worth mentioning the attendance of two important guests: Dr. Wallter Cotte, Director General of the Colombian Red Cross; and Mr. Dominique Mathieu, who is in Charge of the Cooperation granted by the Delegation of the International Red Cross Commission in Colombia. They both made extraordinary presentations on essential topics for the movement.

It is worth mentioning that meaningful resolutions were discussed and approved during the event, which will contribute to consolidate the daily work of the Venezuelan Red Cross nationwide. Such resolutions aim at strengthening the institutional image and optimizing the efforts to fulfill the guidelines issued by the Red Cross and Red Crescent International Movement.