Visit to the Red Cross National Society of Dominica


Between December 1 and 2, 2017,

Dr. Miguel Villarroel visited the National Society of Dominica, accompanied by Mr. Phillip Whaite (President of the Dominican Red Cross), Mr. Michael Joseph (President of the Red Cross of Antigua and Barbuda and Representative of the Governing Board), Mr. Steve (Chief of Operations of the IFRC) and Mr. Harold Brook (Representative of the American Red Cross).

This visit began in the town of Dos D’ane, where the work of distribution and treatment of drinking water and sanitation carried out by the IFRC could be observed. Then they went to the town of Layou where they could see the work done by the IFRC in terms of relief and distribution of materials for housing reconstruction. Afterwards, a visit was made to the logistics depots of the IFRC ¨Crazy Coconut¨ located in the capital of Rosseau. Once this visit was over, they went to the CTP distribution center and ¨Goodwill shelter. Later, areas affected by hurricane ¨María¨ were visited. Community help centers conducted by the IFRC were also visited. And to conclude the visit was attended an operations meeting at the headquarters of the Red Cross of Dominica.

On December 2, Dr. Miguel Villarroel was invited to participate in the Governing Board of the National Society of the Red Cross of Dominica, where they analyzed points of interest of the National Society and the Federation.