Formative Course High Performing Boards IMD (Lausanne, Suisa)


Between February 12 and 15, 2018,

Dr. Miguel Villarroel (Vice President of the IFRC, America) participated with the President of the IFRC, Mr. Francesco Rocca and 3 other members of the Board of Government of the Federation Mr. Keren Kirit (Vice President of the IFRC, Europe) and representatives of the Governing Board Sara Fowler (Canada) and Natia Loladze (Georgia), in the course of academic training on developing leaders, transforming organizations and impacting their future, dictated by the IMD , business school recognized worldwide, Lausanne, Switzerland.

The same consisted with the participation of more than 35 people from different parts of the world and from the most varied companies and international organizations.

This course was in charge of Professor Cossier, and with an outstanding group of professors of the academic institution (IMD) and some special guests, who did an extraordinary job of academic training in each and every one of the points that were analyzed in the same.