Meeting with the Federation team | Abaco – Bahamas


 On September 20, 2019, Dr. Miguel Villarroel (Vice President of the IFRC), moved in company with Dr. Francesco Rocca (President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies), Mrs. Terez Curri (President of the Cross Red of the Bahamas), Walter Cotte (Director General – America- IFRC) and the International delegation of the Federation to the city of Abaco, the largest area affected by the devastating hurricane Dorian.

They went to the central base of the Federation on the island. This base was placed in the facilities of an old school that was totally destroyed by this natural catastrophe. The operation in the field was in charge of Emmanuel Pajot and a team of more than 60 people who day by day try to do their best because that country returns to normal.