Provision of temporary accommodation and flooding by the Peruvian Red Cross and the International Federation in the operation “Floods of the Coastal Child 2017” (Albayeque – Nuevo Chato Chico, Eustaquio Cisneros, Piura Peru)


On January 11, 2018,

Dr. Miguel Villarroel accompanied by the President of the Peruvian Red Cross Ms. Josefina Garcia, moved to the headquarters of the Piura subsidiary where they had an interview with Mrs. Silvia Silva, president of (Filial Piura).

Later, they moved to the town of Nuevo Chato Chico, Cura Mori, Piura, where the first batch of 89 temporary houses were delivered, with a medical assistance and social housing post.

Then Dr. Miguel Villarroel went to the town of Eustaquio Cisneros, where the act of delivery of 140 temporary accommodations was held with the presence of the Mayor of the Municipality of Cura Mori Macario Silva Vílchez.

Mayor Macario Silva Vilchez gave deep recognition to the extraordinary work done by the Peruvian Red Cross and the IFRC.