Visit to the Red Cross of Jamaica, for the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of that National Society


On October 19, 2018, Dr. Miguel Villarroel visited the city of Kingston to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Jamaica Red Cross.

The visit began with the arrival at the headquarters of the National Society, where he had a meeting with President Denis Edward and General Director Ivonne Clark and where the important work carried out by the Jamaica Red Cross, as well as the visit to the deposits of emergency supplies that they maintain there.

That same night in the facilities of the Hotel Pegasus, the central event commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Red Cross of Jamaica was held, where they were represented by the highest authorities of its Board of Governors, volunteers and employees. In the same way in this event was attended by the Minister of Labor and Security Society of Jamaica, Mrs. Hon, Shakine Robinson.