XIX Inter – American Conference 
of the Red Cross Societies (Montrouis – Haiti)


Entre el Between the 13th and 16th of March of 2012, the XIX Inter – American Conference of the Red Cross Societies in the city of Montrouis, Haiti was held.

With the participation of 34 national societies of the American continent and many guests from different parts of the world, the Conference was successfully developed.

The opening act had the presence of the Honorable President of the Republic of Haiti, Michel Martelly, the President and General Secretary of the International Federation, Mr. Tadateru Konoe and Mr. Bekele Geleta, respectively.

In the framework of this event, the authorities correspondent to the Inter-American Regional Committee of the Red Cross (CORI) were appointed. The Committee is integrated in the following manner: Annabella Folgar de Roca, President of the Guatemalan Red Cross (President), Dorothy Frasser (General Director of the Guyana Red Cross), Vice-President; Lorenza Donoso, President of the Chilean Red Cross (Secretary), Jaime Fernández, President of Red Cross of Panama (Treasurer), and Katheleen J. Pinard – Byrne (Executive Director of the Dominican Red Cross) and Mr. Osvaldo Ferrero, President of the Argentine Red Cross as vocals.

The Conference was a success and Dr. Villarroel shared the event with all his colleagues of America.