The mayor of the city of Doral J.C. Bermúdez formalized the participation of the Venezuelan Business Club in the “Adopt a Street” program


 “The city promotes participation in this initiative as part of the processes they carry out for the beautification of Doral”

Mayor Bermudez greeted those present “Today is a special day for us, because the reason why we created this program is to create community,” said the mayor. “I want to thank in my own name, the administration, the council and the residents because you are helping to keep the city clean“.

Mr. Miguel Villarroel (founding president of the Venezuelan Business Club), thanked Mayor J.C. Bermúdez, his colleagues from the Venezuelan Business Club and the community for the opportunity to participate in the program. “For us it is a pleasure, a pride and an honor to be able to participate in this event today and be able to be a closer part of this city that has allowed us to feel at home. We have no more to thank for allowing us to be part of this family”, said Villarroel thanking the city of Doral for its support to the Venezuelan community.