Venezuelan Business Club (VBC) Business Cocktail | Madrid – Spain


May 24, 2018

Dr. Miguel Villarroel is participated in the usual Business Cocktail of the VBC (Madrid, Spain), the same was held in the modern facilities of Caramba restaurant, which served as a meeting point for Venezuelan businessmen and entrepreneurs to establish new business connections and professional contacts.

The start of the event was marked by the exhibition of the book ¨Pass to action, how to lead your life¨ by the young psychologist and entrepreneur Arturo Gracia, who left the audience with a pleasant positive feeling with his reflections and advice to face the different circumstances of life.

On the other hand, the board of directors of the Venezuela Business Club, took the opportunity to deliver the pin of recognition as a MEMBER OF HONOR to Alberto Cabello, in gratitude for the support and help that he has been offering in the organization of the different events.